Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you teach?

I teach both at my home in Cleveland Heights and at The Music Settlement University Circle location. Where you will take lessons depends upon my availability at either location. In general, I teach on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday at The Music Settlement, and on Thursdays at my home.

You can find my current schedule here, however the COVID-19 epidemic has caused me to modify my teaching schedule and switch to teaching virtual lessons via Zoom for now and in certain circumstances in the future.

What is your COVID-19 Policy?

If you register for lessons with me at my home, you can find my policy here.

For current and prospective Music Settlement students, please refer to The Music Settlement policies at www.themusicsettlement.org





If I am taking lessons at the Music Settlement, can I switch to studying with you at home?

I cannot teach students with whom I already have a relationship at The Music Settlement, or who have been referred to me by The Music Settlement. I am happy to teach students who are referred to me outside of The Music Settlement at either location, pending schedule availability and student preference.





I am a beginner. What do I need for the first lesson?

If you have a young child (age 4 – 6), you will not need anything for the first lesson except a notebook and a chair for your child. We will discuss the rest at your first lesson.

If you have an older child or you are an adult beginner, I will probably ask that you come to the first lesson with a cello.

When you become a part of the studio I will also give you access to the Student / Parent Portal where you will find many resources and recommendation on where to find an instrument, purchase books, etc…

PLEASE do not buy or rent a cello before discussing it with me. There are many things to consider and many shops don’t specialize in acoustic, string instruments.