Below are the policies for my Home Studio operating under Progress Unlimited, LLC. While some policies may overlap, Music Settlement (TMS) students must review and follow TMS policies as outlined on the TMS website and enrollment materials.


Fall / Spring Lessons: Fall / Spring Semesters are 18 lessons each, for a school year of 36 lessons. In general, the fall session begins after Labor Day and Spring begins in early February. I follow The Music Settlement schedule to keep all of my students aligned. Please see my current schedule  for specific dates.

Summer Lessons:I generally teach between 4 and 8 weeks in the summer. Because of varying vacation schedules I am more flexible with scheduling.

Sample Lessons: New Home Studio (HS) students can schedule a sample lesson so we can both determine if it is a good fit. Parents must commit to helping their young children with daily practice and older students must commit to practicing daily on their own.


Because of the one-to-many teacher / student ratio, I reserve lesson makeups for my absences only, and try to keep them to a minimum. It would simply not be possible for me to make up every student absence. There is a makeup week scheduled for each semester for my missed lessons, if any, which will be made up during that time or at other times with mutual agreement. In many cases I will make up anticipated absences in advance, which is my preference when I am aware of a future conflict. On the rare occasion that I am not able to make up my own absence, I will credit the lesson for the following period or refund it.

Please note: Once a re-scheduled lesson is confirmed, I expect the student to attend. If the student is absent during a makeup time, I will consider that a student absence.


In light of our new “normal” with COVID-19, I will cancel an in-person lesson if I have symptoms (runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever or other symptoms as outlined by the CDC) and expect the same from my students. Students will have the option to have the lesson online at the regularly scheduled time (if the illness is not so severe that the student can benefit from the lesson) rather than forfeiting the lesson(for a student absence) or rescheduling (for a teacher absence) to keep continuity and avoid a long period without lessons. The bottom line – if you are not feeling well, please stay home. There are alternatives available to preserve the health of all.


Classes: Payment is due in full prior to the start of Group or Intro to Suzuki Cello class with no refunds unless the class is canceled.

Lessons: I ask that ongoing students commit to each quarter for lessons. I do not issue refunds within a current quarter except on a case-by-case basis (injury, serious illness, etc). New students who begin in the middle of a quarter are responsible for the remaining number of lessons within that quarter. Students who pre-pay by semester or year will be issued a refund for any lessons outside of the current quarter as long as I have received 30-day notice of withdrawal.


I accept payment by check or credit card. Checks must be made out to Progress Unlimited, LLC and credit card payments will show that name on the statement. Please see the Fees / Schedule page for current lesson or class fees.

Classes: Payment is due in full prior to the start of Group or Introduction to Suzuki Cello class. No discount is available.

Individual Lessons: Payment is required in advance for a minimum of one quarter (9 lessons). I will invoice you from Square for the lessons with due dates as follows:

1st Quarter: By August 1st (for September start, or upon enrollment for new students)
2nd Quarter: By October 1st (for November start, or upon enrollment for new students)
3rd Quarter: By January 1st (for February start, or upon enrollment or upon enrollment for new students)
4th Quarter: By March 1st (for April start, or upon enrollment for new students)
Summer: By May 1st (for all lessons as mutually scheduled)