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This is my blog. It includes creative definitions, common analogies I use in teaching, and my own phrases and analogies or those I have learned from other teachers.

Conductor and Master Teacher Benjamin Zander explains why we love classical music, and how we connect to it through a powerful and unforgettable TED Talk.

This association provides support for teachers to receive training, parents to become “home” teachers,  and students as they learn to become, in Dr. Suzki’s words, “noble human beings”.

This book by Shinichi and Waltrud Suzuki is the foundation from which the Suzuki Method was introduced. It is a “must read” for every parent when beginning music lessons.

This episode of The Hidden Brain really speaks to me. It opened my eyes to the incredible power of judgement -free learning and its ability to provide people with an objective way to learn.

Edmund Sprunger has written a book with valuable information for parents as they learn to become “home teachers” for their young musicians.


Resources for Inspiration and Just for Fun

I was fortunate to see them live twice at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo festival in Scotland. I was completely blown away by their precision. I love to show this video to my students as an excellent example of ensemble playing.

Nature and music join forces with cellist Russick Smith of Breckenridge, Colo as he performs from an unconventional but incredibly inspiring location! Not for performers  who are afraid of heights or audience members who have neck problems…

Amazing instrument interiors. Viewing these photos will make you feel like you re in the most interesting space you have ever been in. If only we all could live in a space like this!


Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser perform in ways you never would have thought you could on the cello.

Thunderstruck and Game of Thrones


Frances Brent has written this account of my cello teacher at SMU, who died the last year I was there. His story is heartbreaking and triumphant.




Journalist and pop music critic Eric Siblin has written a book for musicians and non-musicians in his book. As the description on  “a seamless blend of biography and music history, The Cello Suites is a true-life journey of discovery, fueled by the power of these musical masterpieces.”


Bohemian Rhapsody: Another inspiring video of great musicians playing together in a non-traditional performance of a classic song!

Monti’s Czardas: A true workout for any one musician to play. Now add four. Performing the piece this way will undoubtably ensure one’s cardio workout for the day!

What do you get when you have one cello, four cellists, four bows, and eight hands?

The Weiner Cello Ensemble performing Ravel’s Bolero!



Students Only Resources

Current and former students can access recital videos, studio documents and schedules, and other teaching materials.