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The Whole Brain Solution

Whether you’re struggling with a limited staff and budget, and need to identify a new approach to your process, or need to identify and document a streamlined process for your administrative practices, Progress Unlimited can help. We have experience in many different types of for-profit and non-profit organizations, Don’t have a specific project? Many people benefit from a WHOLE-BRAINSTORM session in which we can discuss your needs and we ask lots of questions to help you determine next steps with moving forward with our services or to identify other consultants.

We work on a project basis to help with:

  • Consultant selection

    • Software
    • Website
    • Strategic Planning
  • Financial

    • Accounting software setup and implementation
    • Budget creation and process
    • Balancing procedures and checklists
  • Non-Profit

    • Board Manual creation
    • Governance and committee structure
    • Board member recruitment process
    • Program summaries for funders
  • Process documentation and implementation

    • Employee process manuals
    • Administrative process manuals
    • Work flow and technology choices
  • Software

    • Needs assessments
    • Platform evaluations
    • Implementation
  • Human Resources

    • Hiring procedures
    • Employee manuals
    • Employee Review materials